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Since 2005, the year in which it was founded, our company has established itself on the roofing landscape in Luxembourg and now employs some 40 qualified staff, including a master roofer, a master carpenter, and a master plumber. 

Our company carries out all types of roofing activities in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the entire border region. In performing construction works as well as in selecting materials, we distinguish ourselves by taking particular care so as to meet the needs and requirements of even the most demanding customers. Every new construction or renovation project in the roofing field is subjected to individual planning and consultation.

So whether you have a new construction, renovation or refurbishment project, do not hesitate to contact us.

We shall provide a cost estimate free of charge as promptly as possible.


Whether you have a new construction, renovation or refurbishment project, we will bring our experience and technical know-how to bear to provide optimal advice according to your needs. After an appointment on site, we will draw up a cost estimate based on your wishes, with no obligation. If you decide to entrust us with the order, we shall make a point to complete the works as promptly as possible, whilst continuing to provide advice and guidance as well as answers to your questions.The roof is exposed continuously to the elements and must provide excellent weather protection. The roofing also contributes to the appearance of your house and marks its style. For these reasons, we employ qualified staff, who can be entrusted with all types of roofing (flat roof, pitched roof, etc), and use top quality materials.


Timber frame construction has established itself in new construction and refurbishment for years. This construction technique has many advantages:- It is ecological and offers optimal insulation,- Less building moisture during the construction phase,- Modular design principle and speed.Our timber frame consultant and his team will place their experience and know how at your disposal.


Are you interested in building a house? Or perhaps you wish to enlarge an existing structure?Your roof truss has been damaged and must be repaired? As the bearing element of roofing the truss keeps your roof up and gives it its form. It is therefore all the more important to have qualified and experienced professionals see to it, irrespective of whether it is a new construction, renovation or refurbishment.Our consultants will be delighted to produce and show you a 3-dimensional plan.


Titanium zinc is a modern, progress-oriented construction material for contemporary roofing applications.Zinc as a raw material means that there are no limits to the creative possibilities of your roof. Our technical experts in plumbing will be glad to answer your questions and to draw up an offer free of charge.


The main objectives of heat insulation in buildings are to:- Create a healthy and pleasant indoor environment- Protect the structure from climate-related moisture damage (key word: condensation)- Protect the structure from damage caused by temperature fluctuations (key word: thermal expansion)- Save energy when heating and cooling (governed in particular by the thermal insulation regulations)So do not hesitate to contact our technical experts in thermal insulation who will be glad to answer your questions.


Older roof structures gradually start leaking and rainwater is no longer drained properly. This can cause great damage to your house. We will provide a full assessment of the state of your roof upon request, and work out a partial or complete refurbishment, which will be carried out once you have accepted the cost estimate submitted to you beforehand.We select the right materials and techniques for all the roof refurbishment works we undertake in order to preserve the appearance and overall impression of your house (form, type of roofing, compliance with requirements for a listed building, etc.). Naturally, we will also advise you about technical measures you can take to improve the heat insulation and weather protection of your roof.


It should be borne in mind that the older a roof gets, the more frequent professional care it will require to extend its service life. We offer you what is known as a maintenance contract, whereby you determine the interval at which maintenance is performed.Maintenance can entail cleaning your roof or replacing certain elements that have been affected by the ravages of time or by unusual climatic conditions.In case of leaks or other problems, which do not entail major works, we can carry out small repairs in the short term, so that the roof can continue performing its function. If repair works should reveal major damages, we will gladly provide a cost estimate free of charge.

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Michael ROTH

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Matthias ZENS

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